Introducing Vectis Karma

We are a small company, started on the Isle of Wight in 2013, with a strong affinity to Buddhism; hence the two elements to our company name. Vectis being the old Roman name for the Island and Karma meaning action or deed in Buddhism (also Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism). In modern, western cultures this is often expressed as 'what goes around, comes around'.

After many years in 'big corporate life' and a growing discomfort with such, my husband lent me the support and encouragement necessary for me to establish our Incense Shop online. As a small business and a family, our intentions are to conduct ourselves with integrity, good service and a positive outlook. Immersing ourselves in peaceful images and products associated with a more relaxing life is no bad thing.

The starting place for us was our photo greeting cards, based on photography taken on many trips to SE Asia in recent years; following our passion taking Buddha images, acquiring Buddha Statues and appreciating more about Buddhist/Asian culture. This has been enhanced by the discovery and use of Japanese incense sticks in our home on a regular basis. Over time, our understanding of incense has developed to enjoy it for its many qualities and uses - for us, as a pleasant smell, aid to concentration & relaxation and a definitive mood setter.

A great delight in our travels has been buying many local products, and further, getting to know some of the people who make them, both for the local and tourist markets. Initially, this was at a 'trinket' level, but soon developed into an interest in Buddha Art, both modern and Antique - hence our Buddhist Statues section. All in all, our passion has now become a business - which allows us to share quality incense, Buddha art and our peaceful images with a wider audience. From a product perspective, we are specialists, focused on quality and knowledgeable about our chosen area.

Lastly, we believe a good deal of our credibility is reflected in the people, sources and organisations we deal with, choose to promote and recommend  - hence the various links and recommendations you'll find within our site.

Thank you for visiting Vectis Karma,

Karen Bowden

Please view our two-minute video, which explains who we are and what we do.

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From a product perspective, we focus on high-quality and all natural ingredients. Plus, we prefer to buy directly from brands, establish a positive working relationship and promote your products in as much detail and accuracy as possible. If you have Incense products that fit our requirements and want to work with a growing and dynamic online company ... 

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Bespoke photography with Vectis Karma ...

If you like the photography you see on our cards - you can see more in here or click the image below. All of our photo greeting card images were taken by us in and around the countries of SE Asia, so we retain copyright, location details etc. As SE Asia specialists, can arrange bespoke photography on a commercial basis from existing stock or on a new commission basis. Please outline your requirements via our 'Contact us form' and we can arrange to discuss further.

Images of SE Asia (Vectis Karma)

Want to know more about Buddhism?

There are many places, especially using the Internet, where you can read and learn about Buddhism.

Some more 'official' and definitive than others - here's a good place to start:

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